Original PC Games

SHRDLU (2020): an adventure game based around natural language parsing (inspired by Winograd's SHRDLU). It is an experiment, so, I am not expecting the resulting game to be an amazing game, but just an exploration of the posibilities of this type of AI system in a game.

Play directly on your browser: https://braingames.santiontanon.dev/games/shrdlu/v39/shrdlu.html

SHRDLU title screen



Transball GL (2016): the latest version of my Transball series, this time with a dozen different ships to unlock and a level editor!

Transball GL logoTransball GL screenshot


Aventura 4 (2013): Aventura 4 is a game I wrote back in 1993 when I was in high school. As explained below, I wrote a series of games (from Aventura 1 to Aventura 5) to learn how to code in C. Just for fun, I have been porting some of those to Javascript. I enjoyed porting Aventura 3, so I decided to go for the more complex Aventura 4, and here it is! Oh, and of course, do not look at the source code, it's a mess, since I was just learning Javascript as I wrote it. Moreover, I recreated it once again in 2017 in C++ as an excuse to create a small game engine called the A4Engine (which I later reused for SHRDLU above). 

Aventura 4 titleAventura 4 screenshot



Aventura 3 (2012): Aventura 3 is a game I wrote back in 1993 when I was in high school. Back then, I wanted to learn C since all my previous games had been coded in BASIC-like languages (like AMOS for the Commodore Amiga), so I decided to learn by coding a game. I ended up writing a small series of game that I called "Aventura" (I reached all the way to "Aventura 5"). In 2012 I wanted to learn Javascript, since I was curious about HTML5 games, and I decided to port Aventura 3 to Javascript. Aventura 3 is a very simple game, but it hides many secrets! 

Aventura 3 titleAventura 3 screenshot


Super Transball 2 (2002): Super Transbal 2 is the sequel of Transball and Transball 2, inspired by the classic Thrust-style games (and concretely by Zara Thrusta for the Commodore Amiga). The code base for this game is really old, so, it might be a bit hard to get it to compile in a modern system. The Makefile should work out of the box in Mac/Linux (given you have the necessary SDL libraries installed), but I cannot guarantee anything on Windows machines...

Super Transball 2 titleSuper Transball 2 screenshot


Unfortunately I have lost all my games I created before Transball. If you happen to still have a copy of some of my earlier games (Robofighter, Robofighter 2, Chungo Squad, Myrloch, the original Transball, etc.) by all means reach out to me, I'd love to see them again! :)